My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quite a week

Tuesday was a good day - day centre for Ma, Avengers Assemble with the fabulous Mandi for me. This was after a review meeting at the day centre where we talked about how Ma was getting on etc. They say that she has settled in well and I agreed that she seemed a lot happier than she had at Grundy. I was shocked to hear that although she does need a lot of encouragement and reminding, she will feed herself when she is there. The monkey. So from Tuesday tea time onwards I've refused to spoon feed her and eventually she gets on with it (albeit after sitting there like a baby bird with her mouth open at first). Isn't that great?

I've also decided to drive her to the day centre. This is partly because I will get roughly an hour longer during the day but also because it makes me get out of the house instead of sogging about wasting the day away. So I drove her to the centre on Weds morning and was home via Tesco by half ten when I would normally just be handing her onto the bus. She wasn't in the best mood when she came home so refused to eat anything much and it took some persuading to get her to stay in bed.

Thursday was an extremely difficult day. Ma was a level 14 on the Skipton Scale, very very restless and agitated, tearful and aggressive. This manifested itself by her constantly removing all her clothes, as fast as I got her re-dressed and turned round she was down to her pants again. She has since had a bit of an upset tummy so I suspect that that was probably the cause of the behaviour. She also broke the camera which sent me into high distress mode but thankfully I had arranged insurance for it so once I'd remembered that (only took me an hour *eyeroll*) I was a lot calmer about the whole thing. The insurance company couldn't have been more helpful - Square Trade via Amazon, highly recommended for any hi tech stuff.

Friday was spent dealing with said tummy upset. Plus the excitement of the 16 week bulk delivery from the continence service. I really need to get a grip. Or some time off.

Today we drove to Southport to a craft fair organised by a cousin-in-law, raising funds for the local hospice. The fair was lovely and it was so nice to see Sascha and her mum but the drive in both directions was challenging to say the least. I don't think I will be attempting that length of journey again. Although the shouting down the air vent was mildly amusing.The carer said tonight that if she's been like that all day it must have been 'full on'. That might explain the tension headache and the flat teeth I guess.

People for lunch tomorrow which will be fabulous, I miss cooking properly. I often feel aggrieved on Sundays because everyone seems to be having a roast dinner somewhere and I can't see the point in doing it just for me. So a roast chook for us and a proper pudding of some description.


Some ok blips this week.


  1. Sounds to me as if you have a great grip - given what you are dealing with. Anyone would have wobbly moments dealing with all this. And yes - you could do with some time off. Though I don't suppose that will be easy?

    (At least, as if this is consolation, you don't live in an area where they are limiting continence service - disabled children in Wiltshire are 'allowed' just 4 nappies a day. So, no room for a tummy upset there - or even drinking too much tea.)

  2. That's outrageous :( Makes you wonder what you pay NI for really.