My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Fasting Friday

Fasting blood test for Ma this morning, so no breakfast or tea beforehand obviously. I explained this to her and she pointed out that she's had many of them in the past, she knew what to do and she didn't want any breakfast anyway thank you.

Slight schoolboy error.

I forgot to check for Celebrations in her pillowcase.

Luckily I heard the rustle of wrappers being surreptitiously removed... since this was for fasting blood sugar levels.


For the last few weeks Ma has been asking about going to see Jo and Ian, very old friends, who live in Billinge. So this week I arranged for us to go and see them this afternoon. I warned them that Ma would be unlikely to want to stay for more than an hour at most and that we'd only come for a cup of tea and said we'd be there at about 2pm.

Everything was fine as we set off. We stopped at Tesco for diesel then got on the motorway. Ma did her usual - reading every single road sign we passed and thinking we should be coming off at every junction. Things started to go wrong as soon as we got onto the East Lancs road. She gradually started dry sobbing and rubbing her face and talking too herself but too quietly for me to hear what she was saying. Eventually, after repeated questioning, she told me that she wanted to go home. When I pointed out that we were very nearly there she said that she didn't know where she was, she was frightened and she wanted to go home.

So we went around the next roundabout and came home again.

I could have carried on and made her go but I don't think it would have been a good idea, she was in a terrible state. Apart from anything else, it's really distracting and difficult to drive on fast roads with that going on next to you.

What is odd though is that she can read road signs but can't, for example, read the address book or labels on food. Especially when you consider that road signs need to be read fairly quickly.


Now battling to keep her out of bed until a reasonable time. I reckon if we make it to half six it will be a miracle.


Don't feed the dog from your plate please

I didn't

Erm... I'm sitting opposite you.... this means I saw it happen

I didn't

I saw you!

Oh well, she took it off me. I didn't give it to her.

(this reminds me of one of the boys aged about 5: Stop jumping in your bedroom!! I'm not jumping. I'm hopping...)


Eating fish pie.

Ew this is a bit tough *removes king prawn from mouth*

Would you like it?


  1. Feeding the dog I can relate to. Mum has taken to putting her plate on the floor when I`m not looking. Lets hope she stays up for a while for you!

  2. The thing with the Celebrations reminds me of a funny story that I'll have to send you.
    Wishing you a peaceful evening and night :o)

  3. Sooo frustrating for you, Bee, but... you made me smile, again. I think I can picture your face. :) xx