My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

So Tired

We had a very disturbed night last night culminating in a major meltdown somewhere around 5am. It started with Ma coming into my room and nearly giving me a heart attack. I'd dropped into a deep sleep after the 3.30 episode so didn't hear her come up the stairs. Once she had my attention we were back in the 'I've been in this bed for hours on my own' territory.

Trying to reason with her is a complete waste of time. She doesn't want to hear logical argument for why she should be there at that time of night, or that this is what other people also do. She's too angry to listen. Fortunately all the doors were locked as usual so no matter how hard she rattled the front door or how loud she shouted, she couldn't get out. It may sound horribly cruel to do this but if I didn't she would be wandering to goodness knows where in the dead of night.

It is now 5pm and of course she wants to go to bed. I've told her she has to stay up until after Emmerdale but I don't hold out a lot of hope. I tried to get her to go for a walk this afternoon, it was sunny and pleasant and slightly breezy. Too windy and cold was the reply. At this rate I'll be organising a treadmill in an effort to get her to do a little bit of exercise and also attempt to tire her out a bit!


Well... she's still up (19:20). I decided we should actually go for a walk anyway which turned out fine if you discount how unsteady she is on her feet and her refusal to take my arm. I gave her my walking stick - apparently so that she could wave it about in the air and stagger from side to side. But we walked around the block, the dog was happy and all things being equal it wasn't too bad. I did have to grab her arm a few times to stop her falling but it was mostly ok.

Betsy has phoned to say that she's not well, she had the doctor out this morning and he's put her on pills for her blood pressure which was I quote '200 something over 100 something'. The doc insisted that she shouldn't be on her own tonight - she has two boys, one lives in Wales and the other appears to work 24 hours a day. So... Betty has just arrived in her pjs and dressing gown and will be sleeping here tonight. She suffers from panic attacks and insomnia, poor love and being alone would be too stressful for her.

I'm thinking we can all have a midnight feast at about 3am. I'll bring the vodka.


  1. Bloody hell, good luck, Bee!

  2. All of you reading this blog please stop for a moment and look how many views it has achieved. Its a number over there in the top right corner, under the picture. A very big number. Even allowing for regulars thats still a lot of people who have been here for a read,still a lot of people who are now more aware of the trials faced by dementia sufferers and carers and still a lot of people who may pass the story on to others. Well done Bee.

  3. Thank you Jon. Just. Thanks.

  4. Flipping 'eck woman, you'll be opening your own nursing home of said place on a postcard please....

  5. What Hippyjon said.... you are a saint, Bee, and a huge inspiration. xx