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Sunday, 2 October 2011


An upside down day today. I was in trouble from the moment I got out of bed at 07:30 because I was tidying up and this made me the cow bitch daughter from Hell apparently ('I loved you, you were so lovely but you aren't now. You're not my lovely daughter' etc. etc. ad infinitum). However it did mean we had all the horrible behaviour done and dusted by midday just in time for Peter's arrival (cue hosts of angels singing).

Without wishing to appear indelicate a current obsession is 'going to the loo'. I believe that she is confusing hip pain with bowel pain and this is why she thinks she needs to be going to the loo all the time. Unfortunately it has also led to her doing odd things such as this morning when she poured baby shampoo over herself to 'help things'. I only realised when I went to flush the loo and found shampoo all over the place. It did however solve the 'I'm NOT having a shower' issue once I'd peeled off the shampoo soaked clothes. Every cloud...

Peter arrived and took her out for a couple of hours and I thought about having a long bath with scented candles. No, of course I didn't have one, I did some ironing and went to Tesco just like any other idiot does when they have a few hours to themselves.

When they got back we had more bathroom antics, this time requiring latex gloves, a nail brush and a sense of humour. Well two out of three isn't bad.

Peaches and cream and some bread and butter for Ma for her tea and she's just gone to bed after watching half of Songs of Praise. Getting her into her pyjamas is always an obstacle course - how she managed to get her trousers back on and her pj bottoms over the top when my back was turned I'll never know. Especially as it usually takes five minutes of verbal direction to get her into just one pair in the morning.

Peter's comment as he left was that it had been an 'eye-opener' for him. Forgive me, but, I'm glad.


She's just got up for the second time in an hour to tell me how much she loves me.

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