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Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday fun

The hot water bottle obviously worked last night because she didn't get up at all. This didn't stop me waking at every creak and groan thinking she was, however. And would probably explain the most amazing bags under my eyes which have developed since I moved up here.

As it is Friday she has to take the alendronic acid tablet. This means she has to stay upright for 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything and has to take it with a full glass of water. The only issue we have is with the water. Ma hates drinking water so the 8fl oz I gave went down like sulphuric acid. I've seen toddlers shudder less at being forced to drink neat lemon juice. (What?!? Oh, give over, they loved it really and it was hilarious).

So tablets done she headed for the bathroom. In all honestly after that she really needed a shower but her legs were shaking so much I was worried about her falling so we did a swift flannel wash instead and I suggested she went back to bed for a while. At the time I thought it was probably because she hadn't eaten very much yesterday but after a conversation with Betsy who had a similar reaction this morning, I suspect it may have had something to do with the flu jab.


Unexpected problems with the bank and sorting the (bloody) lasting power of attorney which should have been in place two weeks ago meant having to organise somewhere for Ma to go in a hurry. Mavis and Vic stepped into the breach once again, God love them.

Raced into town, did the bank stuff. Popped into Primark and bought Ma two sets of fleece pyjamas, Wilkos for bird feeder peanuts and hair fixings. No hair fixings but not the end of the world.

When we got home at about 4pm I showed Ma the new pj's. She was a bit sniffy but within 10 mins she was stripping off and putting them on, trousers on arms at first naturally. Coupled with the fluffy dressing gown I bought her when she went into hospital she looked like a fluffy elf sitting on the sofa.

Tinned fruit and Kelly's Clotted Cream ice cream for tea and in bed by half six.

One of our better days.

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