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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Some days it is really hard to fire up the blogging fingers. Sometimes I feel that there isn't much to say, you've heard it all before or I'm just feeling overwhelmed by everything and can't put fingers to keyboard because it will just be another whinge about how difficult Ma is and how I deal with her. I really hope that that isn't why people follow this blog. I try to pick out the best bits of the day, good or bad, to highlight the way it is.

Today's post will be a mish mash.

So today has been a day of trial and trial, but all in the little things of life. Ma knew I had a bed being delivered today (on account of the fact that we looked at them yesterday and I couldn't get her off the one I picked!). From 8am she was already thinking the delivery service was rubbish because it hadn't arrived added to the usual thing about when Peter is coming (NEXT WEEK again every 10 or 15 minutes) meant for a slightly teeth grinding morning.

Getting dressed and showered is a list of instructions. Some are followed, most are not. It is a constant battle between enabling (sp?) and taking over.

The bed arrived at midday. I was slightly disconcerted that the £39 delivery charge included me helping the delivery man shove the mattress up the stairs and definitely means that I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow. Even typing this hurts. Sigh. EDS is crap. But I have a lovely bed, the bed of beds.

Ma has been in a clingy mood today which means loo visits etc. are accompanied. It really is like having a 5ft tall, 81 year old toddler.

I made chilli jelly tonight and it looks so beautiful. I think I will have to make some more. I must admit that I've just realised that I can do some serious chutney/preserving stuff now that I'm unemployed. I did some when the children were small, but now I have the time and could preserve the entire country. Blissful smile.

Ma is on the new meds from tonight. I hope I hope she will sleep through but I fear I will be up at 0 Dark Hundred Hours because the clocks go back tonight.


More later possibly.

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