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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Catching up

Goodness me where does the time go?? I'm sorry I haven't updated for so long but things do tend to get in the way a bit.

The latest on Ma is that she is (as of yesterday) back in Spurr House on respite for two weeks after having left hospital. I wasn't able to see her today for two reasons - she is a bit 'under the weather' and has a few tummy issues, probably due to the stress of moving from hospital to care home. And I am suffering the effects of driving so many miles and sleeping in relatively strange beds. I feel very broken today. Walking from the kitchen or bathroom is a challenge in itself.

She's very happy and settled though. They have her on a food regime so monitor everything she eats and she's managing to eat roughly 50% of what they offer. The Fortisip didn't follow from the hospital so there's talk of getting them prescribed for her.


I took a leap of faith and registered myself on the OU digital photography course today. It's a 10 week thing, so not a massive commitment but will hopefully show me how to do things with the camera and editing software which I have no clue about (and am quite intimidated by) to produce better photos.

Todays blip

Quite a few on there which have been missed due to not blogging. If you want a look, hit the back arrow which appears on the lefthandside of the blip when you hover your cursor roughly in that area. If you don't, well, that's fair enough :)

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