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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday Top-up

It's been a mildly frustrating couple of days trying to get things sorted for Ma now, and also for when she comes home.

Once I'd got hold of wheelchair services they said that it would be 'many months' before Ma would be near the top of the list. When I explained her situation they said that they would have to come out and assess her when she was back at home and then move her up the list depending on need etc. This doesn't sound terribly speedy to me so I had a toot on Amazon and this arrived this morning. Brilliant service. Nice and sturdy, folds easily and the only assembly bit needed was to slot on the foot rests. So one box ticked.

The GP is still not inclined to prescribe Fortisip but as the respite home had requested it I was able to collect 12 bottles this morning. Another box ticked.

Both items delivered to Spurr House this morning where Ma is much more with it after being taken off the Zopiclone again. I'm told she fed herself some breakfast this morning. A bit of a difference to being unable to take some Calpol the other day. Tick.

Equipment Services have been leaving messages trying to deliver equipment for when Ma comes home. I finally got hold of someone yesterday who said they would be dropping off the mattress and seat cushion...The what??!? I requested a frame for the loo....

Yes that's right. That was returned.

Umm that was returned last year after her other operation?

Well you're down for a mattress and seat cushion. Don't you want them?

No. I want a frame for the loo!

Oh well I'll cancel these then and you'll have to speak to Occupational Therapy and get a re-referral.


No reply at OT yesterday or today. Will try again tomorrow.


No blip yet. Off to play.

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