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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tablet trauma

I was up first this morning (sits back and listens to the gasps of amazement). I'd done my duty phone calls, let the dog out, had a pint of tea and fed the birds before Ma stirred. I'm happy to say that we didn't have another bedding calamity this morning so things progressed quite calmly. At least it did until I gave her the tablets. She took two without any trouble but then appeared not to be able to see my hand, the tablets or even me. It is most odd and quite disconcerting, it's as if the focus button is malfunctioning and someone switched off the power. Her eyes are open and she hears/responds to what I am saying but she isn't seeing or looking at anything.

Anyway, after a long and dull tale about ringing the surgery, going to Sainsburys and then going to see the GP I have been given the go-ahead to crush all her tablets other than the capsules (which she seems to be able to swallow without too much trouble) and the alendronic acid tablet she takes on a Friday. However, if the AA tablet isn't going down easily then she will prescribe a liquid version because of the dangers of damage to the oesophagus if it gets stuck. So tonight I did sterling work with a rolling pin and a ramekin, mixed the powder with some of that apple baby food I bought a while ago and spooned it in.

'Boak' was the response. Hmm. Clearly I need to try jam tomorrow then...


The lovely and hugely supportive Mike (aka Your Average Joe) is mightily fond of sunflowers. So today I photographed some for him. I blipped this one because I loved it and will stick the others on flickr.

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