My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 23 May 2011

I do like Mondays

Much much better day today.

Despite the odd wrinkle (a short discussion about how to button a coat correctly so that you don't look like a mad old lady - and no it wasn't me...) we've had a good day.

I had a trip into town and bought Fitflops. The old plantar fasciitis is a nightmare. Toe posts though :( I'm hoping that I can reinvent my 11 year old self who had blisters between her toes for about a week and then laughed in the face of rubber foot strapping for the rest of the summer.

I also bought a few Hello Kitty bits for Jem. Honestly and truly I should not be allowed within 50m of anything Hello Kitty related. She has a small pile of fabby things (and it is small, trust me) but yeesh! I swear the entire Japanese nation see me coming. However... Hello?!? Magnetic HK earrings?? SO cool :D

Ma has eaten really well today - porridge, fish/new pots/sprouts (current fave) and then sliced peaches, ice cream and bread and butter for tea. She's now having a glass of wine and watching Corrie.

And talking of which - Anna and Owen?? Do we think??


  1. Not your Ma - but you. Planter Fasciitis will be a thing of the past if you put on your fit flops and do not wear anything else for ever.
    This time last year I could hardly put one foot in front of the other without serious pain. Enter into my life Fit flops. Honestly, I never have a single twinge. Ever. Wardwalkers are a good internet source for fitflops and since they come in summer wear, = fit flops, other sandals etc, autumn/spring = trainers in various sorts and also in cosy small winter boots (for men - but also good range for women) you could find that you are really turning a corner. Kitten Heels? Stillettos?? I so don't. fashion or comfort? You choose = I certainly have and fitflops are my life choice. And NO - I am not being paid for this!!! Welcome to foot health.

  2. Never heard of fitflops. At first i thought you were talking about flipflops or thongs (not panties) which were plastic shoes that separated the big toe from the others and I wore them back in the 50's but kids call them flipflops now. But after reading Stephen's remarks, I'm sure I'm wrong.

    1. They are a (far more expensive!) version of that Judy. They have a curved sole so that you work your leg muscles more and do definitely help with foot related pain. If you've heard of MBT shoes, these are similar.