My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 9 May 2011

We disagree

We've had a bit of a falling out about eating. She really hasn't eaten much today but thinks she has so refused to eat anything for tea. I maintain that she must eat a little something because she shouldn't take her meds on an empty stomach.

Because I disagreed with her she got annoyed and went off to sit in the lounge with an old photo of my dad. Where she cried a lot and told him how horrible I was. After a while I explained again that she mustn't take her tablets on an empty stomach so she said she would make herself some cheese on toast.

I thought it wise to 'empty the dishwasher' while she was in the kitchen.  I found the bread, spread and cheese for her and she put a slice in the toaster. I made her a cup of tea and heard the toaster go down again but didn't think anything of it until the smoke started pouring out. As I'm fishing out the molten sludge that had been thick slices of cheddar she'd put into the toaster to melt I turn round and catch her spooning grapefruit and orange segments onto the toast because the dish happened to be on the side at the time.

Question is do I let her do stuff under close supervision and deal with the fact that she gets so defensive and aggressive with me when I do but it could possibly help to retain some skills for a little longer. Or for safety's sake continue to do it all and not let her near. My worry is that I've noticed food disappearing and think she may be getting up in the night for a snack. I'm now going to really think about unplugging things before bed otherwise I'll be in contant fear of burning down with the house in the early hours.

Grapefruit, Flora and melted cheese.... ick.

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