My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Toddlerhood revisited

It occurs to me that looking after someone with dementia (at this stage anyway) has so many similarities with looking after a toddler:

She likes routine
Choosing her own clothes can produce some startling combinations (today it was flowery pj trousers, a top encrusted with bugle beads and sequins and a shawl. Later in the day she added hiking socks and a fleece)
Being disagreed with leads to a major tantrum
Supermarkets are an opportunity to wander off and cause panic
An afternoon nap is a necessity
Food is refused as a matter of course
She has a very limited attention span - often ending a phone call abruptly without saying goodbye
Absolutely no hesitation in removing clothing or flashing her underwear
Personal hygiene needs to be closely monitored

Clearly having had four toddlers I am supremely qualified to deal with this...


Today was a middling sort of affair. Not as serene as some and not as traumatic as others. We've had tears and sulks - but enough about me. She wasn't able to turn the shower on or off today, or understand that if she watches ITV (*if*... snorts with laughter) there will be ad breaks and whatever she was watching will be back in a minute. Waving at the house next door is still a favourite even though they cannot see her unless they hang out of the upstairs window.

I've floated the idea of a visit to the hairdresser before the party and it was taken quite well. Tomorrow I will book her an appointment. Rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying - iron hot strike the while is.

I've found a top for this upcoming party. It's a glorious colour, somewhere between deep blue and purple, very plain but with sheer full length sleeves. I think that as it is a summer party and the dress code is comfortable I'm considering white slim leg jeans, sparkly sandals and some statement silver adornments. I don't do big earrings but will consider a necklace or ring. Or both.


  1. Link to show top?? Please?!

  2. This is the top Dee:

    And I rather fancy these to go with the top and slim leg white jeans: