My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blood tests and other things

As predicted we were slow off the mark this morning. Ma was still floating around in her nightie at 8:15 but we made it to the appointment on time. Naturally Ma thought this was the appt with the gynae and was very surprised to be seeing him in the doctor's surgery... next week she'll be wondering why we are going to hospital.

We had a cup of tea in Tesco afterwards. As we were sitting there this was the conversation:

'Don't look up there but there's a couple we used to see here all the time. She used to go to the place where we got covers and got measured (nope me neither). They were always here when your Dad and I came and he used to talk to her for ages. She couldn't walk very well. They came here because they didn't have anything else to do'

'She looks to be walking ok now'

'Who does?'

'The woman in the corner you're talking about'

'Oh they aren't here. I was just telling you about them'


Edited to add: And when we were in Comet she was admiring the shoes. For shoes read irons.


This afternoon has mostly been spent looking through the address book for Auntie Joyce's address and phone no. Well, whilst watching Loose Women again again. I know the number is in there but she refuses any help in finding it. She maintains that she is going to write a letter to Joyce but as I've said she can barely write anything at all anymore so perhaps I can persuade her to dictate and I will write it instead.

Oh and as we are on the subject of tv... she watched an episode of CDWM this afternoon. It was from Liverpool. These people were perfectly normal (well, within the parameters of the show that is) and yet, because they are from Liverpool Ma was convinced that they are all hilarious. This, I have to say, is not confined to the hallowed halls of CDWM it happens whenever any scouser is in the room/on tv/in evidence. I'm from Ramsbottom (mostly) and I can't honestly say that if I saw anyone from Rammy on the tv I'd find them utterly hilarious just BECAUSE they are from Ramsbottom. Drives me insane. And here's the really amusing bit... Ma doesn't think she has an accent any longer. When people ask her if she's from Liverpool she's always shocked. But this is the woman who still says 'a fair coat' and 'furry cakes' :)


However *Breaking News* Ma has discovered pizza. She had a quarter for lunch and another quarter for tea with a few chips and some salad.  As I really don't like pizza I am slightly miffed and don't know what to eat. I think I may grill a tin of sardines and have them with an onion/coriander/lime salsa thing.


  1. OK and everything - but her grammar is still pretty damn good = They were always here when your Dad and I came and he used to talk to her for ages.
    "and I" - none of the Me or myself stuff!!!
    Well done Beezer - and thanks for the corned beef and onion salad recipe which was lunch chez nous today. xxx

  2. Yes it is, she is still in that twilight zone between able and unable. And it varies from day to day although it is an inevitable gentle decline as evidenced by the shower. Four months ago she could operate it, then she couldn't turn it on. Now she can't turn it on or off.

    So pleased you like the salad - it was just a mix of things I like jumbled together and then written down if I'm honest (and probably looks like it) but I do like sharp vinegary things with corned beef :)

  3. I read your blog and it helps me enormously. Have same problem but unfortunately live 120 miles away from mum and no other relatives. She will not go into residential care and neighbours take the strain when I can't be there. She also has care girls just to keep her grounded.

    As you say - huge variation in moods and what she can do.

    Thanks again

  4. Annie - I am delighted that this blog helps you. It's my safety valve!