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Friday, 3 June 2011

We're back!

Hellooo - it's been a busy week but we are now back.

The Cornishman is recovering nicely and the bruising is finally going, he's still a bit sore and has to be very careful about lifting/twisting etc. but otherwise he's fine.

I've just had the drive back from hell, left Devon at 09:30 and arrived in Ramsbottom at 21:00 - admittedly that did include a trip to Tesco, but I count any trip to Tesco as a drive from hell anyway. Ma was on form and annoyed a lot of people by stopping in the middle of aisles and spent a lot of time looking for red wine, something she's never drunk but apparently 'loves'. Fortunately only white wine made it onto the till in the end. I'd never hear the last of it!

The final hour and a half from my brother's house to here involved at least four circular conversations:

- 'How is George?' 'He's fine thank you' 'Will he get a job up here?' 'No, he's in sixth form college for another year'
- 'How is Harriet?' 'She's fine thanks' 'When is she coming?' 'She's not, she's still in school for another year' 'Oh yes that's right...'
- 'What colour shoes do you need for the party?' 'I don't, but you need to look through yours for some though' 'Well you can have any of mine' 'I know Ma thanks, but your feet are two sizes smaller than mine and I already have shoes sorted' 
-  'We need to get some wine' 'Yes we do (heartfelt)' 'I like the sound of this Merlot' 'You don't drink red wine Ma' 'I love red wine' 'Since when?' 'Always!'

Bedtime for me soon I hope - Ma is insisting on staying up for some reason.

Footnote: I watched Unstoppable last night. Great film in true Tony Scott style. I swear I yelled at one point 'Get the horses OUT!' Like they were going to let them get blown to bits in a horse box by a runaway train...

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