My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Yesterday was a fairly quiet day although deciding to go shopping in town was a really bad idea after such a long drive on Friday. I got halfway round and most of my joints stopped working due to overtiredness. Cue a cup of tea and a sit down! Unfortunately the tiredness stopped me being able to decide which shoes to buy for the party so will have to go back at some point this week.

This morning started with a blind panic.

I got up just after six and found the front door wide open. No sign of Ma or the dog. Jumped into car in nightie and toured the neighbourhood. Found them in the middle of the main road. No lead on Lily. Ma in slippers, sparkly top, pj bottoms and cardi. Apparently none of this mattered because there wasn't anyone around. I think my heart rate has finally gone back to normal.


Sometimes you just have to laugh...

'What do you fancy for lunch Mum?'

'Oh I'm not very hungry I think I'd like a couple of pieces of bacon.'

'Ok no problem, I'll just pop to the shop.'

'I'll have some of those other things as well.'

<cue a question and answer session - she meant sausages>

'Oh and I'll have a few mushrooms'

'And an egg'

'And some hash browns'

'And fried bread...'

Edited to add: And a sherry!


Ma is showing the dog her Princess Diana doll. The dog is supremely uninterested. Ma is taking this personally. I've tried to explain that the dog is not a 3 year old child but I'm not sure I've been very successful.

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