My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday and beyond

Today Ma went to hospital for some tests. Everything seems to be ok but they did take a biopsy as a precaution.

Naturally she was up at daft o'clock so I'd done a full day of housework by 9! We had a few inside out issues and tricky pants to negotiate, and the shower was 'broken' again but generally it was a fairly easy start to the day. Porridge (Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Thank you Thank you Thank you) and ITV kept her entertained until Jane arrived. 'We' are now watching Emmerdale.

God bless Jane who came and took her to the hospital so I had a few hours off. I'm ashamed to say I spent them catching up on House. I love the relationship bits and think they are far more interesting than the ridiculous medical scenarios. Yep that would be me justifying my viewing habits. Sue me.

I'm off to Devon tomorrow to spend some serious time with my children. This means that I will arrive to an echoingly empty house and my daughter drawing on her graphics pad with no sign of any boys. Will will be staying at Abbi's and George will be working then off to a party (or making jazz hands). I shall wrestle H into a girlie night of dvd/chocolate/ice cream and a discussion about the various merits of Mr Depp, Mr Bloom, Mr Radcliffe and Mr Smith (we are geeky Dr Who types). I think she will vote for Mr Smith. But only because I don't intend to include Mr Hammond.

Happy times.


Spanish Chicken for tea. I was convinced Ma would push it around her plate but she hoovered it up. Perhaps having Jane here helped. I used some cooking chorizo along with chicken thighs, onion, peppers, tinned toms, red wine, chick peas, parsley, garlic and paprika. They had it with mash, I used a large spoon. There's just enough left over for a one person frozen meal :)


  1. I absolutely love House, though I thought this seasons finale was a bit OTT even for him.

    I hope your mum's biopsy comes back ok.

  2. Thanks Rebecca - they did say they weren't particularly worried and that it was just routine. Bless her though she went through the mill yesterday, the thought of a hysteroscopy makes me clench for England.

    I'm catching up on House - installed Sky+ last week so far too excited altogether basically!