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Friday, 24 June 2011

It's the weekend

Today started with Ma looking for a dress to wear to church. When she realised that it wasn't Sunday she went into a decline refusing to eat or drink anything, just sitting in the chair with a face on. She did eventually have OSS at about 11am and gradually got over her snit.

Luckily for me I had E's visit to look forward to so pootled about in the kitchen making a quiche for lunch then did some apple sauce and started the stuffing for Sunday. Just generally faffing about really. I was desperate to start the puddings but will have to wait until tomorrow.

E arrived and it was fab as usual. Never run out of things to chat about and we noshed away on the quiche with some new spuds and salad. I was rather miffed that the Aga Know How book failed me regarding a 'crisp quiche base' and actually you DO have to bake the pastry blind first Grr.

After E left took Ma to the Doc's for a bit of a check up which went well and he picked up on my verbal clues and told Ma that he thought it was an excellent idea for her to go to the day centre. Now that Dr Hampson has spoken she's champing at the bit to get there *rolls eyes*

I also collected the pork from the butcher.  I think it's fair to say that I'd forgotten just how huge a whole shoulder of pork is, scoring the skin is proving to be a challenge too far for my poor old hands. I'll have to do the other half tomorrow. It does do justice to the Aga roasting tin though :)


Another chic-lit recommendation for you: Milly Johnson's The Yorkshire Pudding Club. Cried like a loon at the end.

All this reading is in the name of 'research' obviously. One day I will have a go at writing one.

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