My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blimey! Is it only Thursday?

Last night was surprisingly easy, just one trip to the loo at about 1am. It didnt stop me lying awake until after 3 though unfortunately.

This morning however, things were about an 18 out of 10 on the OMG scale.

Thank goodness for the new carer regime because it did mean that I didn't have to deal with it all on my own. So as I stuffed everything in the washing machine Sam had Ma in the shower. Once she was clean and dressed and sitting in her chair we played 'let's not eat anything by not opening my mouth' and 'don't be ridiculous, I've never been able to drink through a straw' so food, drink and medication wise she has had almost nothing.

The Ocado delivery arrived. Goodness me but they are a lot nicer than any other supermarket delivery service. I had a text message telling me my delivery time, the name of the driver, the name of his VAN and his registration number... When he arrived Clive was really helpful and pleasant. A definite big tick for Ocado.

Then two members of staff from the care providers called in to do an assessment on Ma. I took the opportunity to nip to the chemist for some products I probably should've bought in before Ma came home but unfortunately I hadn't anticipated needing them. Whilst I was out they had her walking up and down the lounge with her zimmer frame! Since they left she hasn't stood or walked on her own for me and I'm slightly worried/horrified by how much moving her in and out of the wheelchair is making my back/hip hurt.

In the last hour or so she has clearly been in some considerable discomfort so athough the GP is coming to see her tomorrow, I rang the surgery and arranged for some better pain relief than Calpol. Getting the tablets down her has been a challenge. I'm still not convinced that they actually did go down but am assuming that they've dissolved in her mouth because I can see already that she is starting to relax.


A very pretty blip today.


Five Good Things might be a bit of a push today but here goes...

1. I have discovered Ocado
2. Leftover saag aloo and chicken rogan josh for lunch - magnificent
3. I do love watching Pointless
4. Even the grimmest of starts doesn't mean the whole day will be the same
5. Sometimes a cup of tea is a thing of beauty.


  1. Thank Goodness you have some back up..Hugs to you and Ma..
    BTW.. I love the "5 good things" idea, I'm going to start doing it too. :o) Xx

  2. Well sounds like you have had a very eventful day. We will have mum running round the lounge by next week!! As for the medication I got an idea of how to get her to take them!! Sure ma will be fine one she used to the environment again. Take care Vicki & Sam

  3. Huzzah you found it!!! Look forward to hearing your idea, anything is worth a try :)