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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday/Sunday 17/03/12

A very very quiet night last night, not a peep from Ma. So quiet in fact that I had to check a couple of times that the baby monitor was actually working...

This morning she didn't look too good, very red in the face and was really very warm. I opened the patio door in her room and let in some fresh air which definitely helped, she cooled down relatively quickly thankfully - but I was quite worried for a while. It was clear though that there was no way she would go in the shower or stand to be washed so when the carer arrived she had a wash down on the bed. Getting her dressed and up was quite a challenge especially when the carer said that she wasn't able to do any lifting etc. due to having had an operation on her back last year. I can't say that it really helped me much either and fear that I have actually sprained my hip today, unbelievably painful this evening.

Ma spent the day in the chair dozing for most of it, but when E and P came with C for some afternoon tea she did rally a little bit, especially when E sat and stroked her hand. It is so sad that the two things she says most often are 'thank you' and 'sorry'.

She's had about 75% of a Fortisip today which is a big improvement on yesterday but refused anything else. Getting one tablet in took me nearly an hour this morning. The evening carer, Anne, commented tonight on how strong she can grip when she wants to... we were trying to get her to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom (about 7 or 8 normal steps) when she really didn't want to stand. As fast as we got one hand onto the zimmer frame the other went back to gripping the rail on the loo frame. Then as we tried to get her up she brought the entire frame with her! She may be pretty far down the road these days but she's still as stubborn and determined as she ever was :D

Potato is here tomorrow to see her on Mothering Sunday and I suspect that he will also be taken aback by the deterioration in her over the last 6 weeks.


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