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Friday, 16 March 2012

Here Comes the Weekend...

A much much better start to the day today although a more disturbed night last night. She was quite restless and although she no longer wanders at night she does call out and I can hear her distress via the baby monitor.

She really didn't want to get out of bed this morning and as quickly as we got her sitting up she slipped out of our grip and was lying back down again. We did get her into the wheelchair eventually, but she wasn't a happy bunny. Then because she wouldn't stand up properly we decided that a shower was out of the question and she had a sponge bath. Goodness me, that didn't go down very well. Especially when we needed her to stand up for lower half ablutions. You know that moment when a toddler expects you to do the swing thing, lifts up his feet and you aren't quite expecting it? Thank goodness we we both supporting her when she did it. Both times. And despite her tremendous weightloss she is still considerably heavier than your average toddler!

Clean and dressed I managed to get her to take three teaspoons of porridge and about 75ml of tea. The only other thing she has had today is about another 75ml of Fortisip. It is a constant and desperate uphill battle. The second a spoon or cup or straw goes anywhere near her mouth she clamps it shut and this is the second day she has slept almost constantly. Sheila called round from next door to see how she was and barely got a glance.

However the GP has been to see her today and he was definitely taken aback by her deterioration. The upshot of our chat is that he has taken her off 90% of her medication. The reasons for this are that most of the things she is on are no longer preventing her condition from deteriorating and the physical problems of getting the medication into her causes her so much distress. He has said that he will ask Speech Therapy to come and do a swallowing assessment on her because of the difficulties I have with food and drink but from now on she is only taking two tablets and two syrups plus codeine if she needs it.

I did take her photograph today because she was watching me as I photographed something while sitting next to her. But I can't post it because I find it too upsetting and I have always tried to be as respectful as possible to Ma when writing on here.

I shall blip some flowers for a change instead.


Five Good Things

1. Simon is a genius and his advice netted me £66 on the Gold Cup. First bet I've ever placed!
2. Not having to force tablets into Ma is a relief for both of us.
3. I've been making (low carb/gluten free) mini scotch eggs and blinis for afternoon tea with friends tomorrow. And carrot cake. And scones.... although they are neither low carb or gluten free.
4. The weather is mild enough for me to put my Birkies back on. Got to love comfortable feet.
5. Can't think of a fifth one at the moment. Might come back later on that.

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