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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Coming Home

The meeting yesterday was helpful and useful. We discussed what was needed at home before she is discharged from respite, organising that will delay her return until Monday at the earliest. Getting help with her care takes time to set up and there are a few bits and bobs of equipment to be delivered. I've expressed my concerns about getting her to take tablets and am prepared to do battle with the GP for liquid versions where possible if necessary. The fact that they are expensive to prescribe isn't really my concern.

She was bright and chirpy yesterday, although possibly more pleased to see Barry than she was to see me! Clearly she has no idea who he is but has always liked the company of men so he's on a bit of a winner there. I can't claim that she follows a conversation properly or makes much sense when she's talking but she does react cheerfully enough and was quick to pick up on a conversation happening outside the lounge area. So nothing changes then *wry smile* I'm very hopeful that the dreadful anxiety problems we had before she fell are now a thing of the past although it may just be that she's become slightly institutionalised and this will return when she's home. Certainly when she thought she was coming home with me and I had to tell her it would be another few days she seemed quite accepting and didn't object at all.

The wheelchair is a great success - clearly both very useful and very necessary and I left her sitting in it at the dining table, poking at her food.

On that subject... still not eating very much at all. She now weighs 6 and a half stone and does look very very thin in her face and hands. She wasn't sent out of hospital with any Fortisip or similar and the home requested a prescription from the surgery and I collected the second lot of 12 yesterday. Another thing the GP is not prescribing willingly. My cousin David, on the other hand, is falling over the stuff. His GP can't precribe enough for him.

I'm beginning to feel the need to roll up my sleeves and get the hobnail clogs out.


Quite a few blips to catch up on. I'm really pleased with the one I took today  but there's a few to flip back through if you have a fancy. No stress if you don't.

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