My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Midweek Update

Not a lot to report really. Ma is 'fine' apparently although she looks desperately thin to me. She talks almost non-stop and one of the staff did comment that she might eat a bit more if she talked a bit less! Faint hope there I think.

Had lunch with Jon and Sarah yesterday. Jon writes the blog We Need Toothpaste where he talks about caring for his mum who also has vascular dementia. I fed them quiche and carrot cake and we had a really lovely afternoon.

One thing I did want to mention was how a comment made on here recently has made me think. Someone (hi Anne!) said that they were amazed that I manage to find the time to write this in and amongst everything else which goes on. Having pondered on this for a while it's clear to me that this isn't just a safety valve, it also forces me to order my thoughts into something digestible and makes me stand back sometimes so that I can view things with a small measure of emotional distance. However, the most important outcome from all of this is that I have a record of the last year because it is very easy to forget the details, little or large. I do read back over posts I've written occasionally and am frequently surprised at how much I have forgotten and often make myself laugh all over again in the process!

I'm really looking forward to a manicure tomorrow, I've not had one in a very long time and it is a favourite treat of mine.


A birdy blip today. He was very obliging and posed beautifully :)

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  1. Gawd, Bee (I think I was that Anne being amazed at you having the time for this...)I have a nasty feeling that if I was 35 years younger I'd be saying something involving 'respect'....which I do, very much!