My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Normal Service Resumes

Well today is the day.

I shall be collecting Ma sometime this afternoon once the equipment has been delivered.

I can't deny that I'm quite apprehensive about it, mainly due to the fact that even the nursing staff at the respite home have struggled to get Ma to take her medication. The GP has only issued one drug in liquid form so the rest can take several hours to administer.

Simon was an enormous help over the weekend - moving and removing furniture and wielding the vacuum cleaner - so that I am now able to move her into the back bedroom where I've put a single bed base ready to receive her special mattress this afternoon. It's a lovely big sunny room with patio windows overlooking the garden so I hope she will like it in there.

The battle to get Fortisip prescribed in larger batches than 10 bottles continues (2 a day soon hoovers that up). Apparently she saw the dietician when she was in hospital, over a month ago now, and it is plain to see that she has lost even more weight since then. I rather suspect that the GP is going to get quite a shock when he sees her. A nasty little part of me hopes so if I'm honest.

So a big update later today along with a new daily challenge Five Good Things if you follow the link you will get the bonus of also being able to see some fabulous blips from Rach.


My blipping has continued during the time away from here so quite a bit of catching up to do if you are interested. This is today's - hitting the back arrow on the left of the blip will take you to the others.


She's home and now in bed. Getting her in and out of the car/wheelchair was a bit like feeding an octopus through a letterbox but I'm sure it will get easier once we've done it a few times.

I tried to get her tablets down her but it wasn't hugely successful, another thing which will take some getting used to I suppose. However, she seems quite content, calm and was happy to sit in her wheelchair in front of the tv. Well, ok, fall asleep in her chair in front of the tv. The dreadful anxiety she had before she fell seems to have gone completely - absolutely no attempt to get out of the car or chair at any point.

I managed to find a baby monitor today with a built-in night light so hopefully I'll hear her if she calls in the night. An early night for me too I think as I go back to sleeping with one ear open.


Five Good Things:

When I did my hair this morning I managed to look less like a reject from Prisoner Cell Block H for the first time since having it cut.

I am sad enough to find doing my first Ocado order quite exciting.

The Vicar made me laugh like a drain this afternoon as usual and told me he's put my name on the list for a day retreat at Mirfield in July.

I love my Emma Bridgewater pint mug because it makes drinking gallons of tea so much easier.

The birds are all over the feeders at the moment. I can lose a lot of time just gazing out of the window watching them squabble and strut.


  1. Good luck Bee, hope your mum settles back home easily. Isn't it annoying how some doctors prescribe Fortisip so easily, yet others (like yours) really make you fight for it!


  2. Good luck Today, hope it goes well. You are excused from the quiz if neccessary, as long as you get a note from Ma! xx

  3. Nonnie we send you and great nanny lots of hugs and kisses and we are here for you.we also look forward to more skype chats to you both from us all.xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thinking of you both pal and sending lots of hugs .

    Wee xx

  5. Discovered your blog via Esther Walker's Twitter. I am sooooo pleased.

    My mother, and your mother, seem to be similar and being able to laugh is such a tonic. The under/over taking tablets and the unplugged hoover had me - literally - crying with laughter.

    Thank you


  6. Thanks Helen, really pleased you stopped by :) I hope you continue to enjoy it.