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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday update

Thank goodness someone bothered to let me know that Ma had been moved to another ward, otherwise I might have walked in and thought something terrible had happened to her. Oh...

Anyway, once my blood pressure had settled down again and I'd made it to Ward 20 - she's much much better today. The awful writhing has stopped so she's clearly in less or no pain, but did sleep soundly throughout my visit. The staff seem much nicer on this ward (far less patronising for a start) and say that they give her a drink everytime they are passing but sometimes 'she doesn't like them very much when they do'. I had to laugh. And empathise, of course.

Various phonecalls today mean that she will now be moved to an assessment bed for two weeks for observation and rehab and a decision will be made regarding her future care package in due course. As one of the possible options is Spurr House I do have to wonder why this wasn't done when she was there for three weeks (at her own expense). Now we have another two weeks to pay for.

Another call was from the day centre offering her a second day. This is fabulous news. So she will (hopefully) be going on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when things are back to normal - or whatever counts as normal on this white-knuckle ride.


Today's blip . The link at the bottom takes you to some pics of Harvey the puppy. Utterly adorable.

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