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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Busy days

The day centre visits started up again yesterday so we were up early. Kay had her washed and dressed and I fed her some breakfast all before 9 o'clock. And then we waited for the bus. And waited.

Thankfully it did arrive eventually, but not until 10:30. So this morning we were less frantic and did everything at a more measured pace - but we're stilll sitting here waiting for the bus!

She was tired when she got home last night and really didn't want to eat anything much. A few spoonfuls of fish pie and a mouthful of Fortisip was all she could manage.

However since coming home she has slept solidly all night, every night. Such a big change from 8 weeks ago. The alarm people are coming to do an assessment re bedside pressure mats etc. but I'm not convinced that we need one at the moment. I can hear every breath and mutter on the baby monitor and that really does seem to be enough for now.

*update* Alarm people just phoned to say they'd double booked so now coming on Friday pm.


A few things:

Asda value flannels are brilliant. They cost next to nothing and sail through a boil wash without shrinking.

Vanish Oxi Action Extra Hygiene appears to deal with everything I throw at it (not sure how it will cope with my beetroot/t shirt carnage last night but we shall see...)

Ma can't cope with a drink in one hand and a slice of toast in the other. The *toast* was too hard to bite this morning.


My dandelion blip the other day was a massive hit and scored me loads of stars and favourites - deeply thrilling. Back to down to earth with a bump yesterday - horrible weather meant an indoor shot. So I did this . Goodness only knows what I'll do today...!


Well there you go, don't count your chickens. The day centre rang at half 12ish to say that Ma had an upset tummy and needed to be collected. Unfortunately I needed to wait for equipment services to arrive with the bath thing and some bed raisers so didn't manage to get there until the buses were leaving, so actually needn't have bothered racing over as soon as I could. Turns out she had one episode this morning and nothing since but neither has she had anything to eat or drink all day.

She's now in the chair, tucked under a blanket drinking Dioralyte. Albeit reluctantly.

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