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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Left arm in, left arm out.

A good start to the day. No repercussions from yesterday's tummy problems and a whole Weetabix and strawberry Complan (boak) consumed.

I had a hospital appointment at 12 so started getting us into the car at 11:15. The next few hours went like this:

Ma into wheelchair.
Ma out of wheelchair and into car.
Wheelchair into boot.
Drive to hospital.
Wheelchair out of boot.
Ma into wheelchair.
Attend appointment.
Ma out of wheelchair and into car.
Wheelchair into boot.
Drive to Tesco.
Wheelchair out of boot.
Ma into wheelchair.
Strap vast wheelchair trolley on.
Create carnage in Tesco, sweeping all and sundry aside.
Ma out of wheelchair and into car.
Wheelchair into boot.
Shopping into... oh... shopping onto back seat.
Return vast wheelchair trolley.
Drive home.
Wheelchair out of boot.
Ma out of car and into wheelchair.
Ma into house.
Ma out of wheelchair and into chair.
Shopping brought in.
Feed Ma.
Inhale codeine and paracetamol.
Apply pjs.
Fold wearily into chair.
Wait for Pointless.

Ma complained everytime she was in the open air for 30 seconds and I got extremely damp. There may have been a small amount of swearing from one of us.


At clinic:

Michelle: Hello Bee, how are you?
Me: Fine thanks.
Ma: You get a prev. A PREV! You get this thing. Two wave lan.
Michelle: I just need to re-calibrate your machine and give you this new mask to try
Me: Oh thanks that's great, does this mean I'll lose the 'fell asleep face-first in a shoe' look?
Michelle: *laughs*
Ma: Hmm. Go to the retend. For a swoo. Thank you darling. If I can get in there lovely, yes thank you. Please.


I'm used to it, but bless her Michelle didn't bat an eyelid.


So we have a bath lift but we can't use it until the carer supervisor has been to make an assessment and then she will have to put in a request for a change of care plan. Of course the assessment cannot be done until some unspecified time next week.

I'm amazed Ma was able to sleep in her bed last night without a triplicate care plan request after equipment services added raisers to her bed yesterday

Is it any wonder that the country is going to hell in a handbag?


Nice bit of blippage today

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  1. Goodness I don't know how you manage.Yeah all those care plans ansd changing the least wee thing when all you want to do is just get on with it.