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Saturday, 14 April 2012

First Day Back

Not a peep out of Ma all night. She slept right through until 7ish when I heard her coughing a little so went in to see how she was. She declined my suggestion to get up, dropped off to sleep again and then stayed asleep until the carer arrived at 10.

No bath hoist yet so Jeanette did a strip wash for Ma and I put the bedding on to wash. Washed, dressed and settled she ate the best part of 1.5 Weetabix mixed with a whole sachet of Complan for 'brunch' and had a cup of tea! This evening she's had a small amount of corned beef hash and an entire Fresubin nutrition drink. Astonishing. And really encouraging.

This afternoon we have listened to some Glen Miller (which got her foot swinging even though her eyes were closed), had a little nap and we are now watching Wall-E. There's still some confusion with the TV where she's talked back to the weather presenters and seems to want to put her cup in there, but other than that and some blanket bundling it has been a pretty calm and restful day.

Mobility-wise she is able to walk with a fair amount of help although she doesn't really want to, communication-wise she talks almost non-stop but finds verbal instruction difficult to follow.


When organising the care package with Barry and Bernadette, they were of the opinion that one carer would be sufficient for Ma's needs. I am slightly uncomfortable with the fact that almost immediately this morning it was suggested that she needs two. I honestly can't see that it is necessary, if I my joints weren't so dodgy I'd easily be able to manage. I have 'suggested' (for that read stated firmly) that perhaps we need to see how she does over the next few days as she's only just back home and needs to settle in. I am slightly fed up with people cavalierly spending Ma's money.


Carer on seeing bathroom (not tiny by any means, it is just the shower which is a bit cosy and therefore makes showering Ma difficult, hence bath hoist): Oh. Have you considered a wet room?

Me: Have you considered the cost?

Best to lay your stall out early I find.


Pretty blip today :)

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