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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Getting ready for Friday

A good meeting this afternoon at Bankfield with Barry and Bernadette (I do love a nice bit of alliteration). However the nicest thing was how much brighter and more responsive Ma was today. When she saw Barry she was utterly delighted. I know she doesn't know who he is but she does know that she likes him! She also called me by name at one point which was lovely. And the very best news of all is that she has gained a kilo.

All the way through the meeting she was telling us a tale about goodness knows what but she was really quite animated, alert and content. A really lovely thing to see. I have no idea why she was so despondent yesterday but thankfully she was a world away from that today.

Mobilisation-wise she is doing really well, we tried her with a zimmer frame and although she's a bit reluctant to get out of the wheelchair, once she's up she's fine. After a chat with both B and B we've agreed on a Friday return even if the bath hoist won't be in place. However, the pressure mat alarm next to the bed should be and a referral to the District Nurses in order to get various supplies will be. We are also looking at one carer morning and evening (with a bit of help from me) which is a massive improvement on how she was before she went back into hospital. At that point it looked as though she would need two carers. Naturally these things need to be fine tuned once we are up and running but it's all looking hopeful and positive.


Only two full days left with H. I'm already getting emotional about it. However as I will be dropping her off at the station on Friday and then collecting Ma from the home I won't have a lot of time to sniffle self-indulgently.


H calls: Muuum where's the Vimto??

Me: Er... *shifty* I drank it

H calls: WHAT??!? Go to your room!!

Me: I'm already IN my room duh!

H: Well... go out of your room then go back in again....


A pretty Spring blip

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