My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Returning to normal

Slowly and surely we are returning to something approaching normal. Obviously some things have changed, and not all for the worse.

One thing that hasn't altered is talking back to the television. Yesterday Captain Von Trapp got an earful for not listening when he was offered a digestive biscuit and today it's Delia's turn. In and amongst there's still the odd moment of stubborness - she is eating considerably more than she was it's true, but every now and then we have a bit of jaw clampage when offered food or drink.

This afternoon she was insistent that she needed to be somewhere and attempted to stand and walk without help (I made it across the room in time, but only just!) a compromise was reached whereby I brought in the walking frame and she stood in front of the chair for a while before deciding that she wanted to sit down again.

Naturally the carers think she is lovely, true to form she goes into super-fluffy mode as soon as they arrive! However, overall she is generally much happier and more content than she was eight weeks ago and therefore much easier to look after.

This week we start back at the day centre - Tuesdays and Wednesdays - I think she will enjoy it once it becomes familiar. It's a shame she'd barely started there when she fell, but hopefully we can get a nice long run at it now.


Food etc. so far today: Weetabix with chocolate Complan, sheherd's pie and carrots, Fresubin, tea, coffee, slice of toast.


Very very pleased with my blip today.


  1. Bee - I have been following your blog for several months. I am pleased that your mum is back home with you where you are fantastic at looking after her.

    I admire your determination

  2. That's very kind of you, thank you.