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Friday, 27 April 2012

Weekend blog 27/04

We appear to have settled into something approaching a routine at last. I get up around half six, check on Ma, make a cup of tea, ring H to make sure she's up and do as much housework as I can while Ma is still in bed. The carer arrives at 08:30, gets her up, washed and dressed and wheels her into the living room. I give her a cup of tea and organise meds and some breakfast (a Fresubin drink and an egg mayo sandwich today, followed by some Whispa chunks!). She settles in the chair and dozes in front of the tv until lunchtime. After lunch (homemade veg soup with grated cheese) she gets a bit feisty in the afternoon, often standing up as if to walk off then sitting down again over and over. I figure it's a bit of exercise if nothing else. I've started taking her hands and walking her around the lounge a bit when she gets too agitated. Naturally she talks constantly throughout the day and I do have to ask her to hush occasionally, especially if I'm on the phone when it can be very distracting. Trying to organise the incontinence service with that level of wittering going on in the background is really difficult. More like the incoherence service. She has her tea at about six (shep pie and a horlicks tonight), the carer arrives at 18:45 and she's usually in bed by 19:00. She then sleeps through until I go into her in the morning. I have to say that the sleeping thing is absolutely wonderful, everything is so much easier to cope with when you've had a decent night.

There have been a couple of worrying trends in the last day or so. Halfway through eating her tea this evening she stopped, looked down, picked up her slipper, examined it minutely then tried to take a bite out of it. Yesterday she did the same thing with a piece of screwed up kitchen roll she was using as a tissue.

The other thing is a reluctance to stand. Despite standing and sitting over and over for half the day! When you ask her to stand she refuses and gets upset. Once up she doesn't seem to be able to straighten her legs. I stress that this is only when she's asked to do so, if she's going under her own steam she seems to be fine.


No plans yet for the weekend. I'd like to take her round the block in the wheelchair but the weather has been a bit awful - not sure if you've noticed?!? Perhaps we'll have a jolly jaunt somewhere instead. I might see what Auntie Peg is up to.


Mavis is such an inspiration, getting on with things in her own way. I've suggested going out for a coffee next week on Tues or Weds afternoon and she's up for it, so that'll be lovely. I do check on her every day and try not to be too clucky because I know she wouldn't appreciate it.


Some nice blippage yesterday and today and I've also broken the seal on my OU course ready for next week. Exciting times.

Updates over the weekend, as and when.

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