My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Weekend Words

Yesterday was chilly and showery so I really didn't feel like another wheelchair marathon. We stayed at home instead and had a fairly quiet day, I did a bit of housework-type stuff and Ma dozed in the chair.

When she isn't dozing she talks. Constantly. Most of the time she is talking back to the tv but also responds to me when I'm talking on the phone or even just talking to her invisible friends. But talk she does. There is absolutely no doubt that she is much easier to live with now than she was eight weeks ago, but my goodness the constant talking doesn't half get to you at times. Joani called round this morning with some forms for me to fill in. She is an experienced carer who is now working for Making Space who run the dementia caf├ęs and even her eyes widened a bit when we were trying to have a conversation with Ma chipping in at every turn. I got the snorty giggles at one point because I really am that horrible I'm afraid.

Foodwise Ma is still eating reasonably well and it is a real pleasure to see. I've poached a chicken this morning so in a mo I'll go and make some soup with the stock and cobble together something else with the rest. Even though the meat is really soft and succulent I will have to mince it up for Ma otherwise she will chew on one mouthful for ever and ever. Irritating for me and unpleasant for her. I'd lay a bet on a shepherd's pie type of effort.

More later.


Loved my blips yesterday and the day before


Now addicted to Draw Something. Add me :) I'm Ladygeeza.


Huge thanks to Esther for tweeting a link to the blog the other day, the stats exploded and gave me hours of excitement.

I really need to get out more don't I?


  1. Oh that must drive you mad,poor mum. I'm addicated to Draw Something as well,I'll try and add you ,I'm cassam101 I also play words wtih friends if you play that

  2. I just added you on draw something.....then I saw your artwork, I didn't realise you're an artist! I cannot draw to save myself I play the game for fun. You're artwork is lovely.

  3. Fear not!! That's my daughter, not me - as will become very obvious :D