My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Busy day

The day kicked off just after 4 as is now becoming the norm. At this time of day Ma's hallucinations are in full swing and she is quite verbal. I can't honestly say that I'm at my best at the time of day so I tend to let her ramble on, I make a pot of tea, surf the internet and deal with regular interruptions every couple of minutes or so.

Barry came this morning and Ma always enjoys seeing him. At least today she didn't walk off halfway though like last time! Ruth popped round from next door after lunch and chatted with Ma while I put up the Christmas tree (I really miss my own decorations). Then within five minutes of Ruth leaving Mavis and Vic turned up. So a busy day.

The main points of today... She still asks every few minutes if we are going yet, rattles the door handle and keeps wanting to kiss Harriet goodbye. Also standing is a favourite thing recently - sometimes in the middle of the room, often a foot away from me or the TV but mostly in the doorway to the living room. And the cushion obsession continues. If she's not playing cushion Tetris she's trying to give me (or Eamonn Holmes) a cushion.


*nipped out to Morrisions*

Me: Well, that's the veg sorted for the Christmas meal

Ma: Oh lovely. When are we having that?

Me: On Christmas day.

Ma: Oh that'll make a nice change.


Christmas tree (not a great pic and just noticed the cushion distribution)


  1. In our house it was "I've just bought a few presents for Stephen"
    Mum: "Why? Is it his birthday?"
    Me: "No, I got them for Christmas."
    Mum: "So is his birthday at Christmas then?"