My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Yesterday was a slow start mainly due to Ma not waking until half eight and then staying in bed for most of the morning because the boiler pilot light kept blowing out so it was cold in the house. I put both heaters on in the living room but because it is a big room it took a while for it to get warm enough for Ma. After lunch she went into a huge decline very quickly - almost like a switch being thrown - and we had some of the old behaviours: hair pulling, suicide threats, throwing things, pinching me etc. Luckily we were due up the road for tea and biscuits so I got her into her coat and off we went.

When we arrived Ma asked me who the house belonged to and when I got out of the car she asked me if I wanted her to get out too. This is a recurring thing at the moment. She doesn't recognise places she's known for 45 years or more including her own house.

Time spent with Mavis and Vic is always a pleasure and I enjoy a conversation that makes sense! We were there for about an hour, Ma was not very coherent but they take it in their stride, bless them. Back at home Ma refused to eat anything and was in bed by 5:30. I took her some hot chocolate and her meds just before 8 and she slept through the night.


This morning was a much earlier start and I managed to get the boiler to stay lit long enough to get Ma up, through the shower and her breakfast and then dressed. She was barely dressed when the door bell went and the bus had arrived. A quick whirl into her coat and off she went quite happily with a new driver we haven't seen before.

I went off to the Trafford Centre and managed to get a couple of bits I needed before being completely reckless and going to the cinema. I've never done that on my own before but it was fine (despite the sound of the wind wailing over the soundtrack!) and I'll definitely do it again. Then back via the supermarket for some bits for Betsy.

Ma has just got back and seems to be in a reasonable mood although refusing to eat her sandwiches as usual. She does look tired and listening to her talking I think she'll be in bed before too long - good job I've already put a hot water bottle in there.


  1. What did you see Bee? Nice bit of escapism I hope.

  2. I went to see Hugo. Thoroughly enjoyed it although I think it might be a bit slow to get going for younger children.