My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Ma was incredibly restless all day yesterday and by the time she went to bed I was exhausted and didn't feel like writing anything.

She is still set on 'going' somewhere. She tries each of the doors at least once very 10 minutes and cycles through a number of coats, shoes, hats, bags etc. So long as she isn't distressed I don't try and distract her and it does seem to be the most successful way to keep her occupied at the moment. Not even a visit from M & V managed to hold her attention for more than 10 minutes before she was kissing them goodbye and heading off to find a coat.

However it is 09:35 and she really will be going somewhere very shortly. Once she has gone I'm off into town to do some much needed Christmas shopping and possibly treat myself to my 'work's' Christmas lunch. If the bus arrives early enough there may well be a Christmas breakfast too...


Late update:

When she got home it was the usual mix of 'I'm never going there again' 'The girls are lovely' and scurrilous gossip which I can't make head nor tail of. She ate some of her sandwiches and was nodding off on the sofa by 6pm so I got her into bed by half past.

She's been awake since 4am shouting and crying, wanting to 'go home' and calling for Peter. She looks/calls/asks for him everyday but can't remember that he stayed here for a couple of days a few weeks ago. She's back in bed at the moment and I hope that today will be as stress free as possible although she is coming to a hospital appointment with me this morning which could be interesting.

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