My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A better day than yesterday

We've had a fairly quiet day today. Ma slept a lot throughout the morning and then this afternoon she's had two visitors, so she's been kept busy.

It's interesting that she was all fluffy for the Reablement ladies this moring - telling them she loved them to bits! A complete turn around from yesterday when she was adamant that she didn't want them any longer.

So far today she's eaten three quarters of a crumpet and two chocolate HobNobs. One of her visitors, Sheila from next door, told her she looked like she's lost weight. Ma replied that she couldn't see how she could have... When I suggested that it was because she wasn't eating enough, Sheila backed me up saying that she must eat. So this evening, because Sheila said she should, she is having some tea. Admittedly it is sticky toffee pudding, so that's all sweet stuff today, but she has flatly refused anything savoury. Including any of the roast dinner I've done for the children. It's all food at the end of the day though I suppose.


The boys and Harriet go back tomorrow. I am going to miss H so much and haven't seen the boys for anywhere near long enough. It will be so hard saying goodbye. I am going to be very very upset tomorrow.


  1. It's a roller coaster ride isn't it! nothing other than love and support coming your way xx

  2. It is food at the end of the day, and i could definitely live on the sweet stuff! I hope Thursday won't be quite so bad for you.

    CJ xx