My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Far too early

I woke up at about 05:30 to the sound of sobbing. Dashed downstairs to find Ma sitting in the living room in a terrible state.

What's the matter???

I couldn't find anyone. And I don't know where I am.

You're at home Ma, it's ok.

But I haven't seen anyone. I couldn't find them.

No one else is here I promise.

Why didn't they say hello to me?

*light bulb moment*

David and Glenys aren't coming until this afternoon Ma, don't worry...

I gave her her meds and a cup of tea then she went back to bed quite happily and fell into a deep sleep.

Naturally I was wide awake and jangling. So I did a full Dyson and dust downstairs, put some laundry in and had a shower before the Reablement lady arrived to get Ma up. Am now thinking about prepping the veg for this afternoon and I might use up the rapidly blackening bananas sitting in the kitchen and make a cake.


More later. And possibly some photos :)


Banana cake! As you can see, it has cracked on the top. But it tastes very nice :)

Orla with Great Great Auntie Audrey


Dave and Glen arrived just after half two and Orla was, naturally, the star of the show. She was very taken with Lily and followed her everywhere. Unfortunately Ma didnt make it to the meal I'd cooked, she took herself off to bed at about 4pm. Dave and Glen left just before 6 and as they were pulling off the drive Ma was heading for the bathroom. Next thing I hear her vomiting. She is bringing up bile, which indicates that she really isn't eating enough. As this is happening Michaela arrives from the Reablement service and after talking to her about it I decide to ring Bar Doc which is the local out of hours medical service. They have decided to send a doctor out to look at Ma due to my concerns regarding her lack of eating and also because I suspect she may be slightly dehydrated. I really hope it doesn't happen but it wouldn't surprise me if she is readmitted. Update later.

Here is Orla trying on Granny's FitFlops - we couldn't get her off them! Every time she said 'shoes' I told her it isn't shoes it's 'Jimmy Choos'. That'll please her daddy :D (love you J xx)


  1. Orla likes banana cake, particularly Nigella's with the rum in it!

  2. Hooray!! Because Ma is refusing to eat it...