My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Would you believe it?

Ma has eaten more in the last two days than she has managed to eat in the last three weeks. Today she actually requested toast, tea, Horlicks, fish fingers/mash/baked beans, chopped tinned pears and cream. Fantastic. It is, frankly, astonishing. I hope and pray that this trend will continue.

Her friend Barbara called this afternoon so I left them to it and nipped off to B&Q. Yes I could've gone for a facial or a pedicure but I needed ferrules for the zimmer frame and a clothes maiden. We've been 'borrowing' Betty's maiden for the last six months and I thought it was time to gird the collective loins and buy one of our own. Good old B&Q had either a crappy maiden for a few quids or a decent one for a heck of a lot more. Plus a pack of six ferrules for £7. Who needs six?? Ever?? Most people buy them to stick on the end of walking sticks, so that's a maximum of one required approximately once a decade. Once I'd got over the sheer cheek of it all I realised that they were too small anyway. So sucks boo to you B&Q.

After Barbara left Ma sat and watched the tv and I sat here and did a bit of twitter/facebook stuff. Then The Chase came on, which is one of Ma's favourites. After about 20 mins I noticed that Ma was getting distressed - pulling at her fleece jacket and fidgeting in the chair.

Are you ok mum?

Well I don't know what I'm going to do

What do you need to do? What's up?

How am I going to get there?


Where are you going?

I have to be there > points at the tv

No it's ok Ma, you don't need to be on there, they've got plenty of other peope to do it.

Oh have they? Thank goodness for that.


Heading for the bathroom, zimmer frame at full tilt....

This is feeling really so much better *rubs right thigh*

That's great Ma, but you broke your left hip.

When did I do that?


I did a simplified version of my lamb korma recipe for the Dementia Cafe cook book. It works really well and makes me wonder why I bothered to make it more complicated....

Anyway, here's the pic which will appear in the cook book:


  1. So glad your mum is eating more, Bee. Afraid you made me laugh again though. Good therapy for me. Not so good for you, I know, bless. Just looked at the photos of your mum and dad. It's lovely that you have them. I had a photo of my parents downsized and gave them out in lockets to my sisters and set in small photo frames for my brothers. They make a special sort of keepsake. Good luck, hon! :)

  2. Hey! So glad Ma is eating!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that she keeps it up!!! Lots of love !! Xx

  3. Try Boots or an outdoor shop for single ferrules (often used on walking sticks).