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Monday, 22 August 2011

A new week

All Hail the Bradley Wiggins idea, it only went and flipping worked. I might still consider getting a tumble drier anyway. And definitely another mattress protector.

Nothing can dampen my spirits today. Not one single thing. Will and George are already on the bus speeding north as I type. I am beyond excited but also keep getting emotional at the realisation that H is going back with them on Thursday.


Ok Mum?

Yes I'm fine. Just this side here is hurting. Wonder why that is?

Because you broke your hip.

Did I? When??


I'm just off to pick the boys up in Manchester. Ma has no idea they are comiing and will be delighted to see them.

We've had a funny sort of a day really, she's been upset many times but I can't quite work out why. The recurring themes seem to be that she will be happy when she gets home, she doesn't want me to leave her, and a bizarre story about hospital involving a day trip on a bus and nursing staff who sound as though they were moonlighting from Prisoner Cell Block H.  

She doesn't want the enablement team coming any more. She seems to really dislike people coming in on a regular basis, she was the same earlier in the year when we had to pay for carers to come in and administer her medication. It's odd really, as she has always been such a sociable creature you would think she'd like the regular contact but she doesn't. I've told her they are coming in for my benefit so perhaps we can keep it going for a little bit longer. I must admit that the morning visits are an absolute Godsend.

Possibly back later when the boys have settled in :)

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