My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What a difference...

... a day makes! Ma has been much calmer today.

It did start with the smoke alarm going off though. This was because she tried to turn off the shower herself but always just turns the temperature dial. This means if she turns it the hot way we get full on super-heated Aga hot water. Anyone who has an Aga will know just how bloody hot this is. Cue clouds and clouds of steam and the smoke alarm going mental, I was in serious risk of scalding myself trying to turn it off. I've suggested that she doesn't try to turn it off any longer because she never manages to do so even if I tell her how to do it. She simply cannot process directions any longer, not being able to take the tray out is another example of this. However, she'll remember for a day or so and then start doing it herself again. So I think the time has come to actually stand in the bathroom while she is in the shower.

She's rocking the layered look today, with an interesting selection of garments, but has managed to stick to black, white and a combination of the two. And I may have to have to do something about her Elnett addiction, she sprays and re-sprays her hair many times a day. Her hairspray bill is threatening to overtake my wine bill!

Other than thinking that Peter is coming to pick her up any moment (or Dave and Glen or Jo and Ian...) she's been ok today. Plenty of confusion of course but no tears.

I'm dropping her off with Dave and Glen tomorrow then H and I are running away to the Lakes for a couple of days.

I took Mavis to see Vic in hospital this afternoon. He looks so much better now that his hernia has been repaired - his colouring has completely changed. However, his continued low blood pressure is a worry so he's still in the high dependency unit for the next day or two at least. This may delay taking Ma to D&G if Mavis needs a lift to the hospital, but it's not a big problem, Ma won't know any different and our plans to go and see HP on the way back from Warrington can be put back to a later showing.


  1. Eek! No naked lights around mum then. Glad you had a better day, Bee :) x Still making me smile.

  2. I do hope you manage to get to the lakes sweetheart . Will do you all good xx