My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A different woman

The morning started as usual. I took her tea and tablets in bed, the tea was ignored. The ladies arrived and got her up and in the shower. I made her toast at her request but she only managed one quarter then she settled in front of the tv asking at regular intervals where Peter was.

Peter arrived just after 12 and of course Ma was delighted to see him. They chatted for a while and Peter got out his laptop and showed her photos of their time in Spain, Jean's sister and brother in law have been out there helping to renovate part of the house so there was plenty for Ma to look at as she and dad have been there in the past.

The GP called round at about half 12 to check her over after the episode on Sunday evening. He reassured me that there's nothing sinister going on in her stomach and told her she really must try to eat a bit more. Peter said the same thing and she said she would...

After the doctor left I offered her some lunch. She wasn't keen but after some encouragement from Peter she asked for a cheese sandwich. And only went and ate the bloody lot. Then drank a whole mug of tea. Words fail me. All the frustration and distress of the last few weeks and all it appears to take is a word from her son **

I had a bit of a headache this afternoon so left Peter with Ma and went to lie down for an hour. Apparently whilst I was snoozing she's had some chocolates. Then just before Peter left she ate two tinned pears and some cream with a mug of coffee.

It's hard not to feel mutinous and resentful but I'm really pleased she's eaten so well today. And weirdly enough, she looks so much better for it. Pfft! What are the odds?

** I'm big enough to admit that it's probably the Omeprazole she's been prescribed which has made the difference rather than my brother having magical powers... but still... Let's hope it continues tomorrow.


We are watching a report on BBC North West Tonight on Arthur Lowe and Ma has just got all upset about where she would go when it all starts happening. I've just had to reassure her that it's a report about a tv programme on the Home Guard not the start of another world war.

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  1. Don't feel bad that she does for other people what she won't do for you. That is par for the course dementia or not. The person who does most tends to be taken for granted whereas those who pop in occasionally are considered much more special. That's just the way it is - it's not personal.

    It's something we must all try to remember when it becomes our turn to be cared for.