My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Well that went well then

When I got back with the boys last night the reablement lady was still here. Ma had got herself into a complete state because she couldn't find me and although Harriet had stayed with her all the time and had reassured her that I would be back soon it had no effect. Ma was continually roaming through the house (with zimmer) looking for me.So anything more than half an hour away even with someone with her is no longer feasible. I'm becoming slightly concerned about how she will cope with the day centre.

However, once I was back and she saw the boys all was forgotten. She was so delighted she stayed up until half past nine!


Circular conversations this week:

How's your husband? He's not my husband. I don't care, how is he? He's fine. What time will he be here? He's not coming this week. Aw why not? He's working. Is he?? Oh that's good. How is he?

I think I need to see the doctor. Why's that Mum? It's this thing on my leg, it hurts. That's where you had the operation after you broke your hip. I broke my hip? When did I do that? Two weeks ago. Well it hurts. It just takes time to heal Mum that's all. Well we'll see. When am I going to the doctor?

When are we going? Are we going somewhere? I thought we were going to the place. What place is that Ma? The place. The place where... Oh I don't know, I thought we were going there. Nope no plans to go anywhere today. But when are we going?


The Oats So Simple gravy train has hit the buffers. We are back to battling over breakfast again. This morning she's been given and refused to eat a mini strawberry Muller Corner, a banana and a slice of toast. She asked for some crisps... I thought what the hell, at least it's something, but after eating one she rejected them. So I'm just about to offer a toasted crumpet. I don't actually care what she has, so long as she has something especially when she takes so much medication. It can't be good on an empty stomach. All she ate yesterday was a boiled egg at lunchtime and some tinned fruit for tea.

It distresses me. Probably more than it should I suppose, but if she doesn't eat I feel I have failed to care for her properly.

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