My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


I don't really know why but I've found today to be quite a struggle, Ma hasn't been particularly moody, just very very rambling and confused. I think I might just be a bit tired.

Her current belief/obsession is that the vicar has left the church, both the local parish and the wider organisation. I'm not sure where this has come from but suspect it's to do with Doreen who visited last week and mentioned that the vicar was away, the fact that he has gone on a pilgrimage has completely passed Ma by. She returned to this subject time and again from the minute she got up. Apparently even the actor Andrew Lancel (Frank Foster in Corrie) who was on Daybreak this morning, was talking about it on the tv...

She also keeps returning to the tale she tells about being in hospital with Elsie (HEllloooooo?!?) when they went on a trip to somewhere with someone and did something, but she can't remember what. I still think that this was a dream or the meds she was on but she does mention it on a regular basis.

I took her up to see Mavis and Vic this morning - her first time out of the house since the op! We negotiated getting into the car ok although she doesn't understand the instruction to keep her knees together. Makes me cringe to watch her getting in and out. I left her there while I took Lily to the vet for her booster injection which left me £47 lighter and with an appointment to have a tooth removed which will cost a further £209. It will however, thankfully, resolve the dragon breath issue and mean I can stop worrying about the paintwork melting.

Barry came this afternoon and Ma was pleased to see him. As he was leaving he commented on the fact that she doesn't mention Dad very often any longer and even when she did - a brief detour in the conversation when she said she didn't like where he is buried and will be digging him up - there were no tears or distress. This is a definite trend since she's been in hospital. I'm not saying that she doesn't get upset, of course she still does, but it's no longer a constant possibility where any mention at all could upset her.

Unfortunately the eating had started to backslide a little again. Today she's had two slices of bread, a sausage and a Mr Kipling angel slice.

But on a good note tonight I did the last Clexane injection *rejoices*


Just popped back in to say that it looks like the blog is about to tip over the 9k views mark. Astonishing. Just unbelievably astonishing.


  1. 9,039 views so far! Well - I come in about twice a day to see if you've posted - but there must be lots of other people who never comment but regularly read. You're obviously fulfilling a need.

  2. I think it's probably because you write very well....
    and readers want to spend time with your voice. That's why I read you, anyway. I don't actually have any interest in dementia, but somehow, I keep coming back to read what you have to say. I think you must have talent or something... because I've found I CARE about you being a carer.

  3. You've voiced very well what I feel too, Abigail. xx

  4. What a nice thing to say Abigail, thank you :)