My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bimbling along

Over the last few days we seem to have settled into a bit of a routine again. Ma will watch tv in the morning then go for a nap at about 2 ish. Then up for a couple of hours before the girls come to help her get ready for bed. Sometimes she won't go straight to bed but will sit and watch a bit of Emmerdale, although generally speaking not all of it. Her lack of appetite is still an issue unfortunately, I offer her very small amounts of things I think might tempt - one fish finger, half a sandwich - but it's very hit and miss. Often what is popular one day is refused thereafter. Baby fruit puree anyone? Actually I thought I might use this to top a steamed pudding, something which does remain quite popular.

Yesterday she was definitely sulking in the afternoon because no one had been to visit since, ooh the day before. I was asked to phone pretty much everyone she could think of and when I wasn't successful at getting hold of anyone we had a return to the old passive aggressive behaviour with tears etc. I suggested she went to lie down for a bit. If it continues I'll be installing a naughty step.


Today has been fairly calm so far. Simon arrived early and has been installing the gates which will block access (and escape!) on either side of the house. All week she's been asking me if he's arrived yet, so naturally last night...

Where is he?

He's coming tomorrow.

Oh that's a shame!

Er... why?

All that extra work for you.

I've ironed the laundry mountain and braved Tesco while Simon has been very busy all day. Ma has just asked me if he's gone yet...

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