My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I wrote a nice witty update on emptying the garage and taking a lot of shite to the tip etc. but Firefox crashed AGAIN - that will be 7 times today already. And yes, thank you, all the helpful suggestions on Twitter but I'm stupid OK? I write my updates directly onto the blog. Or at least, have done up until NOW.

I am very very tired after doing the above so won't be rewriting that this evening I'm afraid. And having just stuffed myself with seven hour roast lamb and all the trimmings I am about to fall into unconsciousness.

Ma very teasy today due to a lack of visitors or phone calls (and being left alone a lot due to shit shovelling by Tigs and me). Went to bed in a huff at 4pm and refused to get up again, even to put on her nightie.

Proper update on the weekend tomorrow. Nightbless all.

Here are pics of the very lovely new gates made and fitted by Simon:

ETA It's my gorgeous George's 18th birthday tomorrow, can't believe it really. It would've been Dad's 83rd birthday too. So I might be a bit emotional. Just saying.


  1. Nice gates those, the craftsmanship is similar to a few church doors /window sills i've seen around Cornwall! Nice hedge too, do you reckon I could get my pig on top of it to watch the Carnival?
    (Only Bee will know what i'am on about!!)
    Good luck with George's 18th

  2. Lovely gates pal . You are allowed to be emotional (((((( Bee )))) .

    Margaret xx

  3. Gates are fab!!

    ((((((Bee)))))) xx