My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

What a good start to the day!

Nothing like a hearty breakfast to start the day :)

Once we'd found the pesky fork hiding under the lefthandside of the the plate and thus resolved the eating it with a knife and teaspoon issue she's tucking in quite happily.

Two things: 1) Nescafe Cappucino is freaky stuff. I really don't like the way it froths up, I prefer my drinks without witchcraft and 2) Why do people have to spoon up the froth? It's disgusting. Stop it. Seriously, stop it.

I'm taking the dog to the vet for her follow up injection this morning and need to go to the bank so hoping Ma will be able to go to and see Mavis. Mince and tatties for tea and some suitcase packing to do. Best get on with it then!

Update later.

PS I keep clicking on the +1 thing at the bottom of each blog post. Not entirely convinced it does anything though... Does anyone else do it?


Well it's been a relatively quiet day today. She did get confused with the tv again but I managed to divert any inclination towards tears. And by leaving her with Mavis for two hours and then getting her to have a nap at 4pm we avoided the 'sundowning' which usually happens at this time.

That two hours passed very quickly because every decision I made was doomed. The vet bit was very quick but then I decided to go to Barclays in Bury town centre instead of nipping into Ramsbottom and using the little bank there. Parking was a nightmare, then the queue was heading out of the acres of plate glass so I decided to use the cash deposit machine. No pens in the pen box, find some elsewhere, bollox up the first deposit envelope, fill in another. Get to the machine and realise that actually I don't need an envelope for this super-duper cutting edge cash counting machine. Am quietly impressed with it actually. I love technology when it works and saves you time - it's my fault I didn't read the instructions and wasted 10 minutes.

As I'm halfway there decide to do a quick trip to Sainsburys in Heaton Park, hoping that the new store is now open. No it isn't. Not only are we still using the poxy old store but they've hived off more than half the car park for big machines and piles of stuff so there's nowhere to park. Finally get a space, dive in, blat round at the speed of light getting bits and bobs for Ma and her stay. At this point I should have sucked it up and queued at a till, but no, the lure of the self-scan aisle is too much. I only had 15 items. 13.5 of them needed to be put aside until the self-scan monkey told the machine I wasn't stealing a box of cress or was 'clearly over 25 and probably an alcoholic'. So rude.

Made the fatal decision to return via Bass Lane, which is a short cut only hampered by a very long single track road with passing places. The locals know how it works and it's a smooth dance between those going up and those going down. Today we had a gridlock due to someone in a Micra not knowing the system and not being able to reverse.

Got back to Mavis and Vic's to find Ma eating beans on toast. This is unheard of! They were very gracious about me taking so long and sent me away with a lovely bottle of wine to enjoy next week. The perfect excuse to cook some steak methinks.


Last morning with the girls tomorrow, I shall miss them a lot. They don't just sort Ma out, they chat to me and empathise with me about all that goes on. It will be a far more isolated existence without them.


  1. I have no idea what the +1 button does!

  2. I think I clicked it on one of your posts the other day and nope, don't know what it does and nope, nothing happened. >.<

  3. No idea what +1 button does either!

  4. Oh, God, Bee. Stoppit. You do realise this cheers me up! I'm thinking, my day can't have been as bad as Bee's. Thinking right, but you tell it sooo well! :) Going to click some buttons.