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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tuesday Tidings

This is by no means a whinge but I thought I'd try and show how difficult it is to follow a conversation with Ma. I've just typed verbatim a short minute or two of what she's just been saying to me. Most of the time it's incredibly frustrating for her, sometimes it can be very funny and occasionally it is quite upsetting for me.

'I don't know if you know but a man came up and asked me if I had a paper then a girl came over and asked me if I was ok and she was going to come but she couldn't. They were all in the place around. I had a friend here and one further down but I don't know where they've gone. And another friend of mine who used to come to things. Oh I don't know now. I don't think Mavis will have gone to the shops everytime she goes she says I don't know what that lot are doing here - that's all the people coming. I hope they're going to do my feet my friend comes down and she's going to have them too. There was a boy he came up the steps and said he was fed up with it.And I love the boy who sings. *shows me photograph* Look at this... (I tell her they are my children) Your children?? When did you have those? They are my children you haven't got children. I didnt know that. When is Peter coming?'


It's taken an hour to eat three chicken dippers and three onion rings. She's very grumpy at the moment because I kept reminding her to eat.

How are your onion rings?
I've lost them all (displays fingers)


Things I say everyday. (over and over and over again!)

Use your frame

Of course you can go to the loo, you don't need to ask

Please don't feed the dog from your plate (grrr)

Peter is at work

You don't take sugar


She didn't eat any of the pie yesterday. I'm making cheese and tomato tarts today. Maybe some pics later if I remember.

Edited to add: Tart was lovely but didn't photograph well, just looked like a pizza...

However it was much more than a pizza: clotted cream pastry, a smear of mustard, skinned de-seeded sliced tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, light scattering of grated cheese, baked until golden brown around the edges. Eaten warm (not hot). Ma ate less than a third of a very slender slice.

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