My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A long night

I battled to keep her up until 6 last night, she kept heading for bed from 4.30 onwards. So when the girls arrived she was under the duvet faster than you could blink - I think they struggled to get her to wash her face!

At regular intervals during the evening came the ominous clatter of a zimmer frame hoving into view. At one point I was on the phone and she'd come to 'join the party'. Unfortunately this didn't stop after I went to bed. Roughly every hour or so during the night I could hear her clanking about. She wasn't in distress and wasn't calling for me so I let her get on with it, but obviously I couldn't (and wouldn't) sleep through it in case she fell etc. I managed to hang on to my own mattress until half six but then finally relented.

'We' are now watching the news on tv. Ma has had her tablets and a cup of tea and is snoring away on the sofa.

The weather is dreadful but I think I might insist on a trip out at some point today, maybe just to the garden centre for some bird seed but something to get her moving about a bit and using up some energy. Then try and encourage her to stay up a bit later. I know Strictly starts tonight, so that should help.


I made a cracking shepherd's pie yesterday with the remains of the roast lamb. We both had some at lunchtime and the remains have been portioned up and gone into the freezer. I feel like doing some proper cooking today though. Not sure what yet but definitely some baking at some point.


Cooking/baking put on hold due to me selfishly falling asleep this afternoon. This apparently means that I don't care about her so I've just spent an hour listening to floods of tears and being ranted at. The only thing I could follow was that I'd had three blokes in the lounge playing football. If only. This would be watching the rugby this morning but according to my mother they were running all over the room. She's phoned both my brother and my cousin asking them to come and take her away and stated over and over again that no one comes to see her. And of course, I don't love her...

It's just tiresome and it wears you down. No doubt it's tiresome reading about it all the time too. We went through exactly the same thing yesterday and I'm really hoping that this is just a short phase she's going through.

As I'm typing this the girls have just arrived and the switch in mood is shocking. She's all fluffy and pleasant, laughing and joking with them. You honestly would not believe it. Roll on the Lake District!

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