My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 26 September 2011

A heartfelt sigh

The day didn't start well and then went downhill rapidly.

I doled out the meds and water but turned my back for a second. Next thing she was vomiting over the bedclothes having tried to swallow the tablets dry. This pretty much set the tone for the day. She refused to get up this morning and stayed in bed until 1:00 then once she was up she went into a complete meltdown because there haven't been any visitors. Since then all she has asked is when Peter is coming and am I ready to go out.

Food wise toast was spat back onto the plate, a poached egg and waffle poked at and refused, a slice of carrot cake refused... I've made a new pie (details to follow) which I hope might tempt her. She is very very pale and washed out, but then if you aren't eating or moving about much you would be.

Conversation is incredibly confused and disjointed. When I point out something on tv I think she might like she doesn't know where to look (unless it's Loose Bloody Women which she thinks is hilarious). All in all a not very good day really.

I actually think she's missing all the fuss and bother of the home but would rather pull out her own toenails than admit it. This gives me hope for her first trip to the day centre on Thursday.


Simon bought me a new cookery book last week - the National Trust Farmhouse Cookbook - which I was really pleased to find is packed with interesting regional recipes. So today I've made a Potato Crust Pie. This has a mashed potato and flour crust (basically like a potato cake) with a finely minced ham, parsley, thyme and onion filling.

Me being me, I decided that although this sounded rather nice it could be improved upon so... I've added 50g of parmesan to the crust and a small Cox's apple, some cream and some mustard powder to the filling. Oh and just because I thought it would be nice, a layer of lightly browned mushroom slices under the top crust. I even took some pictures....

Potato paste


Mushrooms under the top!
The potato paste is quite soft and I found it easier to mould in the tin with damp hands, but it's quite well behaved.

Settling in the tin before serving


  1. Oh, wow! That looks scrummy! Drop mum off (don't look back - she is in good hands), go home and do some serious cooking, Bee. Will be stress releasing - and you are obviously good at it! :) x

  2. finally worked out how to follow - and post comments. Woohoo.

    Pie looks delicious! xx

  3. Now that does look good.
    Good luck for Thursday!