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Sunday, 25 September 2011

D Day

Well today's the day... I've just spoken to the home and they tell me she's had a 'really good appetite' all week and eaten well. How very interesting seeing as she told me on Wednesday that she hasn't eaten a thing. The only problem they've had with her is having to chase after her with the walking frame.

I spoke to Mavis last night, they went to see her again yesterday afternoon. She said Ma was fine and totally 'Audrey' - meaning she was far too interested in what else was going on and hardly spoke to her guests! I'm hoping that this will bode well for the upcoming day centre visit on Thursday, by then she will be so bored with my company she'll embrace the whole thing like a long lost friend.


Update at approximately 3pm.... watch this space.

(edited to add: how odd that the photo of the big bruise from the vein poppage in my leg has generated so much traffic recently. Google is a strange but magical beast)


We're home. So far so good. Some very bizarre conversations and odd behaviours (constantly pulling her trouser legs up over her knees) and she insists on carrying her walking frame or leaving it behind, but otherwise not too bad. This means her leg is hurting quite a bit but she isn't able to remember to use the frame so needs reminding constantly. I've just given her a hefty dose of codeine in the hope that this will ease things for her a little.

Shepherd's pie for tea in about 20 minutes and then I suspect an early night. She's already dozing on the sofa.

The most used phrases so far are 'Would you like to put a skirt on? No? Then perhaps you should pull your trouser legs down again or you'll get cold' and 'Use your frame!'


Beverley came to see me.

I'm Beverley Ma.

Are you??!? I never knew that!


How's your son?

Which one?

How many have you got?


Oh goodness me, you've got a lot now haven't you?

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