My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Yesterday we had tears and tantrums (ok not huge ones but nevertheless...) because no one came to visit. Today Barbara came this afternoon and within 20 minutes Ma told her she was tired and buggered off for a nap. In fact I've spent most of the day digging her out of bed as it happens, she just couldn't get her head around time today. Luckily Barbara is very understanding and doesn't take offence.

She dressed herself this morning. Yesterday it was two coats at a time day, today it was trousers. Although I didn't realise it was trousers until I dropped her off with Mavis this morning for a cuppa while I did a dash to the Coop. As she sat down in the chair her grey trousers suddenly sprouted pink flowery frills around the bottom as a pair of pyjamas made their presence known. Coupled with the insistence on wearing her slippers when she goes out and her shoes when she gets home and using her vest (yes she was still wearing it, and no she doesn't wear anything else underneath it) to blow her nose it's been a sartorial surprise at every turn.


Every single time she sees two presenters of opposite sex on TV she's convinced they are married - Phil and Holly, Matt and Alex etc. Tonight it was the turn of Gordon Burns and Ranvir Singh on North West Tonight. The most unlikely pairing ever I would've said.


Devilled chicken and rice tonight. Although I bottled it at the last minute and gave Ma tinned spag with little hot dog sausages and some toast instead, which she ate without a fight. She's also had porridge (the Oats So Simple gravy train appears to be off the buffers momentarily) and a ham and parsley two egg omelet for lunch. A stunningly successful day food wise.

And the devilled chook was magnificent. Another recipe from the new book. Incredibly simple (with a few tweaks... I know, I know) and really tasty. I used chicken thigh fillets which I poached in some stock and a dash of sherry in the top oven of the Aga for about 40 minutes (possibly a bit longer). Softened a finely sliced onion, sliced mushrooms and a diced courgette in a little oil and butter then stirred in half a pint of cream (it said single, I don't buy single so let down 1/3 pint of double with water) 1 tbs of Madras curry powder and 1 tbs of mustard powder. Add the shredded chicken and bubble until the cream has thickened and reduced. I added some chopped parsley for colour before serving.

(the onion, mushrooms, courgette and parsley were my additions)


Tomorrow is Day Centre day *toots horn triumphantly*. The transport will pick her up between half nine and half ten and then return her (with packed 'tea') at around five. I am almost giddy with possibilities. But will probably spend the day cleaning the second bathroom and wielding the pressure washer over the miles of paths and paving outside.

Edited to add: it's now 01:03 and she's been up three times already. Tomorrow may be spent sleeping.


  1. OMGosh, Bee. I am sooo sorry, but I hooted at this. God, I know it's hard work, but thank you for making me laugh. Here's one. My mum had fave shoes, white courts. Never would go anywhere without them. One day out shopping, she spots the white courts, tuts, and goes to retrieve them. Unfortunately, they're attached to someone else's feet. Good luck with the day centre! :) x

  2. Mmmmmmm......devilled nom nom!!